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Sneak Peek: There’s a lox to love about new Short North bagel shop

Sneak Peek: There’s a lox to love about new Short North bagel shop

614now Staff

The Lox Bagel Shop 772 N High St Suite 106 doesn’t open for a few more days, but we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek (and bite)!

Kevin Crowley, a former partner at Northstar Café and Ohio State alum, hopes to begin serving his hand-rolled bagels and sandwiches on Monday, December 17.

He treated us to a few menu items including the bacon egg and cheese bagel and a specialty sandwich with egg, cheese, and fried chicken skin (holy yum).

But, there’s a special place in our bellies for the lox bagel.

The fish is super fresh with a rich smokey flavor, dressed up nicely with cream cheese, picked onion, capers, and cool cucumbers.


However, just by themselves, the bagels are incredible.

They’re made in-house every day to perfection—seriously, Crowley will toss the ones that haven’t fermented exactly right.

Perfectly seasoned chewy on the outside and a soft, doughy inside

They’ll start off with four bagels: everything, plain, sea salt and herb, and sesame.

The Lox will also offer an assortment of spreads, coffee, salads, and lunch sandwiches.

Guests will order at the counter, then take a load off in the cafe-style seating area while they wait for their name to be called.

If you’re like us, you’ll want to make yourself comfortable and stay awhile in The Lox’s inviting atmosphere.

And since you’re staying, you should probably just order another bagel because they don’t make them like that at the grocery store.

Stay tuned to Instagram for updates on the opening!

A soft seating area
Bagels after they’ve been boiled and are entering the proofing stage
Bagels baking in the Wood Stone oven
An assortment of bagels right out of the oven
The perfect bagel, according to Crowley
Specialty bagel with egg, cheese, and fried chicken skin
Lox bagel (left) and a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel


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