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Top 10 local restaurants on Yelp right now

Top 10 local restaurants on Yelp right now

614now Staff

The Yelpers have spoken and at this moment in time, 10 very diverse restaurants are leading the pack in Columbus. How many have you been to? 

10.  Little Lebanon Mediterranean

Location: 8495 Sancus Blvd Columbus

Rating: 4.5 stars, 251 reviews

From a light lunch, to a delicious dinner, come in and enjoy fresh, authentic Lebanese sandwich wraps, dinners, breads and treats all made in-house from scratch!

Read Danny V.‘s review of Little Lebanon Mediterranean on Yelp

9.Ray Ray’s Hog Pit

Location: University District, 2619 N High St, Columbus

Rating: 4.5 stars, 320 reviews

James Anderson gets his honest love of smoke and fire from his father, who was also a barbecue man. He is the owner and talent behind the wildly popular Ray Ray’s Hog Pit in Clintonville, Westerville and Anderson Farms in Granville, Ohio where he pasture raises, heritage breed hogs. Consistent perfection is his goal whether he’s hog farming or smoking meat.

Read Dennis C.‘s review of Ray Ray’s Hog Pit on Yelp

8. Cherbourg Bakery

Location: 541 S Drexel Avenue

Rating: 5 stars, 93 reviews

This “hidden gem” is Bexley’s best kept secret. Their ability to cater to all bakery lovers is what has people coming back for more.  They have gluten-free options as well as treats for nut-allergy sensitive customers who need, or heck just wanna try it. Along with their donuts and raved strata, the bakery is no stranger to the java junkie in your life.

Read Bill E.‘s review of Cherbourg Bakery on Yelp

7. Sababa Mediterranean Grill

Location: 6280 E Broad Street

Rating: 4.5 stars, 207 reviews

If chipotle and Greek food is a favorite, this place is just the right mix. Sababa’s fresh grill bar comes with a friendly staff, at a friendly price for the wallet. Choose from pita, rice, hummus or salad to start off and build from there. The restaurant also offers sides such as their Greek fries, which one user described as a “delicious add on”. 

Read Terri K.‘s review of Sababa Mediterranean Grill on Yelp

6. Flavor 91 Burger Bistro

Location: 5186 E Main street

Rating: 4.5 stars, 198 reviews

A flavorful restaurant that appreciates it’s first time customers so much that they get free food. Well, at least samples anyways. This bistro that supports local farmers through their locally sourced meats and also offers flavors from around the world including Ethiopian dry rub chicken wings and lamb burgers. 

Read William B.‘s review of Flavor 91 Burger Bistro on Yelp

5. Tyler’s Pizzeria & Bakery

 Location: 7516 E Main St, Reynoldsburg

Rating: 5 stars, 134 reviews

Savory-filled croissants, pepperoni and veggie rolls, and wood-fire-baked pizzas provide options like no one else on Columbus’ east side. Cookies, bars, brownies and the morning goodies continue to flow through the day. In the evening, you can get your hot pizza dinner, a dessert for after dinner, and something to start your day of right tomorrow – and, at an affordable price that leaves most customers shocked.

4. Hot Chicken Takeover

Location: 59 Spruce Street

Hours: 11am-3pm

If you haven’t already gotten a taste of this chicken, you are way behind. Give the spicy fried chicken a try, we doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Read Damion W.‘s review of Hot Chicken Takeover on Yelp

3. Scotty’s cafe

Location:  2980 E Broad street

Rating: 5 stars, 118 reviews

A meal fit for a king or queen at a price anyone in the kingdom can afford. There are latkes, eggs, various meats, coffee and tea. All served with with personal service, and, if you’re lucky, from Scotty himself.

Read David L.‘s review of Scotty’s Cafe on Yelp

2. Brassica

Location: 680 N high street

Rating:4.5 stars, 653 reviews

For all the food photographers, this is the place for you. The food is “Instagram-worthy” and with a great taste to boot. The restaurant is all Mediterranean based and the big open grill allows customers to get a piece of the action. There are also options for the vegetarian and paleo diets alike.

Read Gazal N.‘s review of Brassica on Yelp

1. Momo Ghar

Location: 1265 Morse road

Rating: 4.5 stars, 653 reviews

Coming as little surprise to anyone, Momo Ghar is the top rated restaurant in Columbus. Reviewed by top food news outlets nationwide this family business has been booming. The Nepalese cuisine is infamous for their large and in charge dumplings and for being featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives show.

Read Lindsey H.‘s review of Momo Ghar on Yelp


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