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Could you be on jury for OSU murder? Selection begins today

Could you be on jury for OSU murder? Selection begins today

614now Staff

The grueling process of choosing a jury for the death-penalty trial of a man accused of kidnapping, raping, and murdering Ohio State student Reagan Tokes is set to begin today.

The case has gripped the public so much that attorneys intend to spend more than a week sifting through 167 potential jurors to find 12 unbiased individuals. Candidates will be interviewed about their attitude towards the death penalty and anything about the case that would prevent them from being totally objective.

In addition to the 12, the judge and attorneys hope to keep six people on reserve in case any jurors have to bow out.

The attorney for Brian Golsby, the man accused, requested a change of venue for the trail but the motion was denied. Prosecutor Ron O’Brien told The Dispatch he can’t recall a change of venue actually happening since 1979.

The trial is likely to begin the week of March 4.

Would you be able to set aside your opinions about the death penalty and any emotions towards the case to unbiasedly sit on the jury?


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