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All new developments on killing of Westerville officers

All new developments on killing of Westerville officers

614now Staff

Since two Westerville officers were shot and killed over the weekend, many new items have come to light. Here is the latest:

  • Photos of the victims and their families have been released- 10TV
Westerville police officer Eric Joering, wife Jami, and daughters Eva (12), Elena (10), & Ella (6)


Westerville police officer Anthony Morelli, his wife Linda, daughter Beth, and son Chris
  • A vigil for the two fallen officers is planned for tonight at First Responders Park, 374 W. Main St. in Westerville- 10TV
  • Gerald A. Lawson III has been charged with supplying the gun to the person accused of shooting and killing the two officers. He appeared in court and said he understood the charges brought up against him. Lawson remains in custody- The Dispatch
  • Quentin Smith, the man charged with murdering the officers, could face the death penalty- The Dispatch
  • Smith’s record includes arrests for felonious assault, aggravated menacing, carrying a concealed weapon, simple assault, intimidation and other offenses- The Dispatch
  • Smith’s wife said he carried a gun at all times- The Dispatch
  • In November 2017, Smith’s wife went to the police for a protection order saying he forced himself on her sexually and threatened to kill her and their infant child if they left him- The Dispatch
  • Smith’s ex-wife filed a protection order against him in 2008 after he accused her of cheating and pointed a gun to her head- The Dispatch
  • Smith’s mother also providing damning evidence against his violent history including him stabbing her live-in boyfriend in 2007- The Dispatch


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