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Local leaders making moves towards Hyperloop

Local leaders making moves towards Hyperloop

614now Staff

Some leaders in the Columbus community trekked out to Las Vegas but instead of hitting the tables, they scouted out the Hyperloop.

On a trip planned by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, community leaders including the MORPC director of transportation Thea Walsh and City Council President Shannon Hardin, got a closer look at the Virgin Hyperloop one test site.

They also took the opportunity to pitch for the Midwest Connect—a [as of now] hypothetical route connecting Chicago, Columbus, and Pittsburgh at wicked fast speeds—You could get from Columbus to Chicago in under 30 minutes and to Pittsburgh in under 20.

“Technology is moving fast, and we as region must be prepared for any and all opportunities that it may bring,” said Hardin in a statement, per ABC6. 

MORPC is currently working on a feasibility study on the Midwest Connect which is expected to be released sometime this year.


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