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OSU closes 2 parking garage roofs as suicide prevention effort

OSU closes 2 parking garage roofs as suicide prevention effort

614now Staff

Ohio State University is closing the top levels of two garages where several OSU-affiliated individuals fell/jumped from.

The closure of the upper level of the Ohio Union South and Lane Avenue garages followings an evaluation from a mental health task force.

On September 11, a student by the name of Joshua Song fell/jumped from the Lane Avenue garage and died.


Three other individuals fell/jumped from the Ohio Union South garage since February 2017, only one of which survived. One death was ruled a suicide.

“In accordance with the recently released Suicide and Mental Health Task Force report, Ohio State and CampusParc will continue environmental design review of university parking garages and make adjustments accordingly,” said an email from Ohio State’s Administration and Planning Office, per The Dispatch.“The safety of our campus community is our top priority.”

No other safety enhancements at the university have been announced.

In total, the highest-most 270 parking spaces of the two garages have been blocked off with canopies.

To schedule an appointment with Ohio State’s Psychological Services Center, call 614-292-2345. After-hours help for students in crisis can be obtained by calling 614-292-5766 and choosing option 2. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255.


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