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Kasich proposes “sensible” gun-law reforms, Ginther weighs in

Kasich proposes “sensible” gun-law reforms, Ginther weighs in

614now Staff

Our governor has come up with a “sensible, consensus approach to protecting Ohioans from gun violence,” in the form of six firearm law alterations.

Gov. John Kaisch is asking state lawmakers to the following things according to The Dispatch:

  • Create a gun-violence protection order to allow families and law enforcement officers to ask a judge to order the temporary seizure of guns from people proven to be a threat to themselves or others.
  • Update state law to mirror federal law to create an automatic prohibition against possession of a gun by those convicted of domestic violence or subject to a protection order.
  • Incorporate an anticipated federal ban on bump stocks, which allow semi-automatic rifles to effectively be converted to full automatic fire, into state law.
  • Strengthen state law to specifically prohibit so-called “strawman” transactions in which a person buys a gun for felons and others disqualified from possessing guns. A man is charged a federal crime for acting as a “strawman” in purchasing and providing a gun to the man who fatally shot two Westerville police officers last month.
  • Prohibit the sale of armor-piercing ammunition considered a threat to law to enforcement officers.
  • Close gaps in the state criminal background system to ensure court records of convictions are promptly delivered to more quickly flag felons and others who cannot buy guns or receive a concealed-carry permit.

If you’ll notice, Kasich did not propose a ban on assault-style weapons or lowering gun magazine capacity or an increase in the age requirement to purchase a firearm. Personally, he supports a ban on assault rifles but believes the aforementioned six proposals are more likely to go the distance.

Here is Mayor Ginther’s response to Kaisch:

“We are encouraged by Governor Kasich’s meaningful proposals to stem the tide of gun violence, many of which align with our priorities for Columbus. We continue to ask Governor Kasich to support cities’ rights to enact laws that are in the best interest of our families and first responders, such as regulating assault weapons, requiring universal background checks, and expanding protections for all victims of domestic violence.”

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