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Radio company lets go of six long-time on-air personalities in central Ohio

Radio company lets go of six long-time on-air personalities in central Ohio

Sav McKee

Some familiar faces, or should we say voices, will no longer be guiding us through our morning commutes or afternoon traffic jams. 

Saga Communications, which owns and operates Qfm96 (96.3), Rewind (103.5/104.3), Sunny 95 (94.7 WSNY), and Mix 107.9, is making some significant changes, and with those changes comes numerous lay-offs.

Dino Tripodis and Stacy McKay, the talent behind Sunny 95’s morning show, Sunny This Morning, have both departed the station. Tripodis hosted this morning show from 1994 to 2018, then returned in 2021, totaling almost 27 years of experience at the station. McKay hosted alongside Tripodis for 13 years, then after a brief stint elsewhere, returned again in 2010 to spend almost 14 more years hosting Sunny This Morning.

News Director Clark Donley and producer Greg Hansberry have also been let go of their positions. Donley spent 31 years at this station, and Hansberry served as a producer from 2012-2014, then again starting in 2016.


These cuts also applied to ‘Miss Lisa’ Bryant, who was on-air in the afternoons on Sunny 95, and mornings on Classic Hits Rewind 103.5/104.3. Bryant joined WSNY in 2016, becoming popular 

Last, but certainly not least to be let-go, is Andre Styles Friederich, who was the events director and host at Mix 107.9 WVMX Westerville. He spent 14 years with Saga and Mix 107.9, and he shared with 614Now that he’s absolutely shocked. “The amount of years, days, and hours I put in…It came as a big surprise,” he said.

Andre shared that Saga Communications told them that they were looking to go a “different route” and “do some restructuring within the building.” And unfortunately, that meant his event director position was eliminated, and he was told he would no longer be doing the morning show.

Saga Communications didn’t necessarily fire them, Andre shared, but told them they were being let-go. They were given a severance compensation package.

In a statement by Saga Communications, they said they’re seeking a new morning host  “…that does not talk to the audience but connects with it. Someone who enjoys getting to know the listeners and making appearances. Someone who loves social media, getting in front of a camera and being the face of their station. Someone who is not afraid of tough competition.”

Andre emphasized, “That’s what all of those who were unfortunately let-go were already doing. Miss Lisa was probably the most active on-air personality – she was on social media, out at events…my hope is they put all of that [in the job posting] because that’s what she did, and what they’re looking to fill.”

These radio station personalities have been ingrained in our community for decades, and the public seems sad to see them go. People took to social media to share their frustration. One person commented on Sunny 95’s Facebook, “If the rumors about Dino, Stacy, Clark & Greg are true, then I’m out. I didn’t listen for the music. I listened to the morning crew’s banter and Clark’s news…horrible decision…” Another person expressed, “What a slap in the face for loyal listeners. I’m done with everything Sunny 95. Wishing success for those let-go.”

Andre doesn’t know what’s next in store for him, but he’ll be spending some time with his wife and children while he figures out his next steps. 

He signs off with one last reminder: “This wasn’t just my job. It was my career. I loved what I did…I still do.”

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