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OP: 12 Congressional District voting drama + who voted for candidate from Hell?

OP: 12 Congressional District voting drama + who voted for candidate from Hell?

Mark Elliott

12th Congressional District Election Update: First, the voting for 12 Congressional District Elections may be over but the counting continues.

While Troy Balderson declared victory Tuesday night with about a 1,700 vote lead, that shrunk yesterday when the Franklin County Board of Elections found a bunch of ballots in Worthington that they forgot to count. (Someone please tell me how that happens..) 

That added 190 votes to Danny O’Connor’s total and the gap is now around 1,500. Since there are over 8,000 absentee and provisional ballots still uncounted (they won’t even start counting those until next Friday!), this election is not over yet. 

But at least all that campaigning, the constant barrage of TV ads…that’s all over isn’t it? 

Sorry gang, “It ain’t over ’til WE say it’s over.”

This was a special election to replace Pat Tiberi, who quit back in January to take a six figure gig with a statewide non-profit.

And with only four months left in that term, Tuesday’s winner gets a whopping 35 days in Congress.   

By the way, you and I picked up the tab for all this, as taxpayers must by law. 

How much you ask? 


Personnel cost alone was close to $200,000 and we may never know the actual amount (according to information I gathered personally at my polling place and the Franklin County Board of Elections website).

So it’s three more months of “Dishonest Danny Boy” O’Connor and Troy “Franklin County? Eww” Balderson TV ads, direct mail and all around mud slinging. (Already saw the first one during CNN’s Election Coverage Tuesday night.)  

And here’s another question: Who the heck voted for the candidate from Hell?

Green Party whacko Joe Manchik, native of Hell, Michigan, got over 1,000 votes Tuesday. 

This guy says his ancestors came from “a distant planet”, he speaks 19 languages including “Spanglish,” “Sheet Music,” and “Winnebago” and believes that every American should be required to grow hemp in their backyard.   

His main page was on MySpace but he’s recently moved over to Facebook.

At least I know who to call if I ever need to communicate with my RV.   

More to come…

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