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The most charming B&B is just 4 minutes from Bethel Road

The most charming B&B is just 4 minutes from Bethel Road

Regina Fox

Nestled on a quiet private property just four short minutes from the bustle of Bethel Road is the most charming B&B I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

It was a cool and rainy day in June when my mom and I pulled into the winding driveway of Timbrook Guesthouse. Jill Dole, the owner of the property, greeted us at the door with exceptional warmth and lead us up the stairs to the most-requested room at the B&B: The East Wing Suite.

My mom and I dropped out bags and started exploring. Coming from a studio apartment in Olde Towne East where my 6’x6′ bathroom functions also as a closet, storage facility, and laundry room, I crushed on the massive soaker tub. We investigated all the room’s trinkets and cubbies, remarking things like, “Oooh, look at this!” and, “Wow, this is so cool!” The textures of the Cherry wood bed made me want to sink right in for the night, but there was much to see.

Our room was adjacent to one that offered comfortable chairs to sit and admire a view of the property below. This room was also filled with interesting horse riding equipment, like saddles and bags slung over the ceiling beam; a box of life lessons and advise; bird, nautical, and other unique tchotchkes; artwork of all different subjects and mediums; and plants that looked like they could be older than both my mom and I combined.


Items like these littered every room in the house—to the downstairs living room, to the foyer—in the most perfectly way, offering an insight into the tastes and travels of the Dole family. Strolling through the B&B was really like taking a journey through an antique mall of family artifacts. Whether it was about the hat collections or decades-old pieces of furniture, my mom and I never lacked something to gab about.

Despite the steady rain, we ventured outside to admire the thriving gardens. All around the 4-acre property, healthy foliage springs from the earth. My mom identified the flowers—bleeding hearts, hydrangeas, peonies—as I listened carefully for the telling “squawks” of these parrots I’d heard so much about. And then, we heard it.

Jill protects the birds in the garden barn during inclement weather, which is exactly where we found the five colorful birds. Using their beaks and claws to travel across the enormous cage, all the birds wanted a front row view of the new strangers. They were so curious! They flapped, flared their feathers, and mimicked our laughing, even after we left the garage. Truly a hoot…er, squawk.

Unfortunately, the rain prevented us from taking advantage of the hot tub and pool, but it didn’t stop us from admiring them. The vibrant ellipse-shaped swimming pool might just be the most beautiful swimming pool I’d ever seen. And with the landscaping around the hot tub, it’s like a true exotic spa escape. Next time.

Another one of Timbrook’s crown jewel amenities is a greenhouse filled with tropical trees and orchids. An intoxicatingly sweet smell it us like a ton of, well, orchids when we entered the plant sanctuary. The sizable greenhouse is filled with tropical plants, both big and small, plus garden ornaments hidden like cute easter eggs throughout.

My mom and I ended our night by wrapping up in the warm Timbrook robes and having a living room picnic by the light of the fire.

The smell of bacon (and my alarm) woke us up. We opened the door to the balcony and talked about how wonderful it’d be to start each day with a sunny outdoor patio.

After inquiring about our night’s sleep, Jill served up fruit smoothies followed by blueberry pancakes and bacon. The great food was made even better with the garden-themed dishes and low music that filled the breakfast nook. If the Timbrook does one thing well, it’s attention to detail.

It was hard living the cozy abode, but, after having such a lovely experience, I felt a little bit better knowing I’d be back.

Timbrook Guesthouse is located at 5811 Olentangy River Road, 
Columbus. To learn more about the B&B and inquire about booking, visit


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