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5 ultimate fetch destination for aqua dogs

5 ultimate fetch destination for aqua dogs

614now Staff

We can’t be sure what dogs dream, but we’d imagine it’s a lot of neon yellow tennis balls, frisbees, bones, and playing fetch in ice cold water. Make your pup’s dream come true this summer with these awesome places to take your dog for a dip.

Prairie Oaks Metro Park| 3225 NE Plain City-Georgesville Rd, West Jefferson

Located just 19 minutes from downtown Prairie Oaks Metro Park will instantly be your dogs newest muse. Besides making your good boy/girl the happiest lil doggie in the world, this is also the ultimate destination to wear your dog down. A few leaps off this carpeted launch and Fido will be zonked just minutes after loading up for home.

Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park | 3993 Hollenback Rd, Lewis Center

People get their own beaches, so why can’t dogs? They can at Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park! Bring your pooch for play dates with their best fur-friends by the waterside.


Indian Run Falls Park | 700 Shawan Falls Dr, Dublin

At Indian Run Falls Park, there’s a waterfall for humans to gush over and loads of water and fun obstacles to keep the doggos entertained. Talk about the perfect pic for the ‘gram!

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park | 1775 Darby Creek Dr, Galloway

Run your dog in and around Big and Little Darby Creeks and even give them an education in bison…from afar, that is. We’ve never seen a sad dog at Battelle Darby Creek.

Walnut Woods Metro Park | 6716 Lithopolis Rd, Groveport

At this Groveport Metro Park, your pup can have its own pool! Dog cannon balls allowed.


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