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It’s Bubblicious: 5 places to score boba tea

It’s Bubblicious: 5 places to score boba tea

Mike Thomas

Iced coffees are great, but aren’t you due for a new drink order? Mix it up with a Bubble Tea! Here are five spots around town to get the chewy, liquid-suspended tapioca balls with an anatomically-inspired name. Happy bubbling!

Kung Fu Tea | 1161 Kenny Centre Mall

The Columbus location of this national chain is running a promotion in honor of National Bubble Tea Day:

Vivi Bubble Tea | 2408 N High St

National Bubble Tea Day is also a Jackets game day. Wear your gear to get a buck off at Vivi Bubble Tea!


The Brewed Leaf | 809 Bethel Rd

The Brewed Leaf fits right in with the amazing lineup of asian dining on Bethel Road.

Cha Time | 2060 N High St

Pro tip for enjoying Cha Time Bubble Tea (among others): stab the straw through the lid – don’t try to peel it off!

Bubbles the Tea and Juice Company | Polaris & Easton

This is your destination for classic, quality bubble. Conveniently located in both Polaris and Easton, there’s no reason this drink shouldn’t be in your hand on your next shopping trip!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy bubble tea? Let us know in the comments.


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