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High Street’s newest ice cream shop is amazing

High Street’s newest ice cream shop is amazing

Nicole Pizarro

In the heart of the Short North, across the street from Columbus institutions such as Short North Stage and Magnolia Thunderpussy, sits a storefront which many would pass by without noticing if not for the giant ice cream cone decal on its window reading, “Get CRMD.”

The place, which sits less than a block north from Goody Boy Diner, is huge. Co-owner Kristina Duong told me that conditions in their renters agreement limited the amount of seating they could offer, but the place is still visually appealing. The walls of the open space concept are painted black with on-brand decorations that suit Get CRMD’s suggestive sense of humor. The most infamous of these being The neon sign that reads ‘Lick It Real Good.’


Ohio natives Duong and husband Benjamin Stoyka came up with the “Get CRMD” concept after living in California for a while. They felt that Ohio was ready to get its boundaries challenged and that Columbus ––with its diverse and young population—was the perfect testing ground.

Their target clientele is open-minded millennials, as well as anyone who can vibe with the store’s off-beat concept.

The first time I visited CRMD was on my way home from the 2019 Festival Latino downtown. It was hot outside. I was exhausted from all the eating I did at the festival. I ordered a Milk & Cereal ice cream topped with Frosted Flakes on a puffle (kind of like an egg waffle). It was delicious.

The balance of flavors really stuck with me. The ice cream actually tasted like I was eating a bowl of cereal. The frosted flakes on top brought in an extra element that only served to push the experience to the max. But it wasn’t over yet, because I still had the puffle!

By the time I ate the ice cream, the puffle had absorbed some of the melted ice cream, which made it soggy, but still sweet and delicious. The second time I visited, I decided to go for that #FoodPorn pic, so I got a Black Vanilla Ice Cream with dinosaur sprinkles on a waffle cone. Once again, it was delicious and refreshing. This time, the flavors were much more muted, but the dinosaur sprinkles brought in a little more sweetness to the ice cream.

But it’s not over, folks. Oh, no. When I asked Duong what ice cream she recommended our readers try, she hit me with a Vietnamese Coffee ice cream with a chocolate drizzle. It was then that I knew I could die happy.

CRMD is located at 1190 N. High St. and is open 12pm- 2am Monday through Saturday and 12pm- 10pm Sunday. Visit for more information.


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