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On a Roll: 5 claw-some lobster rolls in the 614

On a Roll: 5 claw-some lobster rolls in the 614

Mike Thomas

Sorry, Sebastian—there’s nothing quite like the decadent experience of dining on deep sea crustacean. Name another category of food that is served with a side of melted butter for dunkin’. I’ll wait.

While lobster is the unequivocal king of edible sea bugs, finding the right time and place to enjoy it can get a little tricky. For one, lobster is usually reserved for fine-dining situations. And then there’s all that shell to deal with.

Luckily, there’s one solution that allows hungry seafood fanatics to enjoy their favorite clawed food item on the go: the lobster roll. Lobster meat, bread, and some sort of dressing—it’s everything you crave without any of the hassle.

For your consideration, here are five of the best places in Columbus to get your roll on.

Cousins Maine Lobster | Food Truck

With lobsters sourced from the frigid waters of the Maine coast, this mobile eatery has proven a hit with Columbus food truck fans. To find the truck on any given day, check out this convenient tracker on the Cousins website.

Del Mar SoCal Kitchen | 705 N High Street

Local restaurant magnate Cameron Mitchell puts his spin on the lobster roll in this new laid-back California dining concept. Del Mar keeps it simple with buttered poached lobster on a New England toasted bun, topped with cole slaw.

South Village Grille | 197 Thurman Ave

This German Village hub gives diners the choice between a lobster roll served hot or cold. Either way you go, the meat is tossed in a satisfying truffle-herb aioli with chives and served in that signature split-top bun.


Soul at the Joseph | 620 N High St

With their elevated take on an already-highbrow menu item, Soul at the Joseph presents a lobster roll with their house-made aioli, shaved brussels, lime vinaigrette, roasted red peppers, pickled shallots, and—as if that weren’t enough—CAVIAR, all on a split top bun.

The Wicked Lobstah | Food Truck

Bringing a twist on New England to the Midwest, Wicked Lobstah is another mobile food truck experience to help you get your fix on the go. Check them out on Instagram to keep track of the truck, and to drool over some tantalizing lobster roll shots.


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