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Patio Szn: Top 5 outside hangs hiding in NW Columbus

Patio Szn: Top 5 outside hangs hiding in NW Columbus

Mike Thomas

The Northwest side of Columbus is known for its diverse range of international restaurants and many a hidden strip-mall gem. It’s also a densely-populated part of town, with a seemingly endless number of apartment complexes and housing subdivisions scattered throughout the area.

While the bar scene in the Northwest flies under the radar compared to trendier spots in nearby Grandview and Clintonville, the people packed into this corner of town often defer to proximity over clout when it comes to drinking out.

With summer quickly approaching, outdoor drinking on your chosen establishment’s sun-soaked patio is back in play. Here are five of the top patios on the city’s Northwest side.

Somewhere in Particular | 5053 Dierker Rd

Thanks to a killer food menu and a wide variety of house-made beers on tap, the brewpub that set up shop in the historic Henderson House was quickly embraced as a go-to neighborhood hang on the NW side.

Sporting a spacious outdoor seating area complete with beerhall-style benches, SIP’s patio is sure to be a top summer destination for years to come.

Harrison’s on Kenny | 4510 Kenny Rd

Harrison’s patio is all about fun in the sun. A dedicated pong table and full cornhole set are just some of the attractions to keep you and your friends entertained while you knock back cold ones all afternoon.

Once you’ve worn yourself out with activities, get cozy in the lounge-style seats, or belly up to the full-service outdoor bar. With a large awning at the rear of the space, you can catch a break from the sun while remaining outside.

Coaches Bar & Grill | 1480 Bethel Rd

Coaches is an unpretentious neighborhood sports bar at the end of a shopping center on Bethel Rd. With a full menu of reasonably-priced food and a laid-back crowd of regulars at the bar, Coaches is the place to go when you just want to chill.

Coaches also sports a decently-sized patio with full bar service in the summer and sports on the TVs. While things can get a little rowdier on a Friday or Saturday, Coaches is a great place to kick it outside with your favorite drink.

Halftime Tavern | 1532 Bethel Rd

If you’re checking out Coaches, you might as well make a mini-bar crawl of it. Head to the opposite end of the same strip and you’ll find Halftime Tavern. With a first-rate bartending crew, a recently updated interior, and some of the best pub-style pizza around, this is a go-to joint for young and old alike in the NW part of town.

Halftime’s patio seats plenty between multiple tables and a bar. There’s cornhole, but tossing those sacks can get a little dodgy on the patio’s narrow confines. Nevertheless, Halftime’s patio proves plenty entertaining on weekend summer nights, with a small stage setup and live music a regular occurrence.

U.A. Pub | 2096 Henderson Rd

Like nearby Donericks, U.A. Pubs sports a modest patio that is fine for ducking out for a smoke or downing a beer in the uninspiring scenery of Henderson Rd. The real story here is the pub’s generous happy hour, which will keep you swimming in domestic beer for a huge chunk of the afternoon and evening (details online are sparse, but if memory serves, $1.50 PBR’s were in play during a recent visit).

Did we miss your favorite NW patio? Leave a comment below!


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