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Please Cheese Me: Deals and more for National Cheese Pizza Day

Please Cheese Me: Deals and more for National Cheese Pizza Day

Mike Thomas

They say that the best way to judge a restaurant’s pizza is to try a cheese-only pie first. If it pleases the palate without the aid of additional toppings, you know you’re onto something special.

With September 5 on the books as National Cheese Pizza Day, there’s no better time to put this theory to the test. Check out this roundup of deals, plus some tips to help you observe this dangerously cheesy day the right way.

Drake gets it.

More cheese for less dough

Fancy gourmet pie or a slice from your favorite mom and pop joint will always reign supreme, but let’s face it—the national brands remain a go-to when you need your pizza fast and cheap.

Grab two cheese pizzas from Dominos for less than $15 with their mix-and-match deal, or hit up Pizza Hut’s $7.99 carryout deal to score a large three-topping (triple cheese, of course).


Still not cheap enough for you? There’s always the “5-dolla-holla” at Little Caesars. Want some free cheese pizza to compliment your cheese pizza? Get a free medium w/cheese from Marco’s when you order a large or extra-large pizza online using the code “FREECHZ” (pick-up only, offer good through September 5).

Keep Columbus Cheesy

If price is no object, you might as well treat yourself to the best. But who has the best pizza in Columbus, you ask? According to the results of this year’s annual “Columbest” reader’s poll, Mikey’s Late Night Slice is the tops when it comes to traditional pie, while Harvest Pizzeria is numero uno in the gourmet category.

You can also keep it local by dining on a cheese-only creation from one of the many fine establishments in town specializing in Columbus-style pizza (which is so totally a thing—refer to this list to see what we mean).

What’s your go-to for cheese pizza in the 614? Let us know in the comments.


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