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Sneak Peek: 360 views from Bridge Park’s newest restaurant

Sneak Peek: 360 views from Bridge Park’s newest restaurant

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There are a ton of excellent dining options in Dublin’s Bridge Park and come this week, they’ll be one more. Cleveland-based REBoL will be opening its doors to the public later this week, offering guests 100% non-GMO, organic, nutrient-rich food.

The fast-casual restaurant prides itself in its ability to cater to dietary restrictions. From keto, to carnivore, to gluten-free, to vegetarian, to vegan, to paleo-friendly, REBoL promises food for everyone.

Click and the photos below for 360-degree views of REBoL

“Our mission is to create a new standard of wellness by providing functional nutrition that improves your quality of life,” reads REBoL’s website.

Beginning at 7:00 AM daily, customers can start off their day with a variety of breakfast sandwiches, bowls (or bols), broths, and pastries—all varying in dietary functionality. REBoL also offers a bevy of healthy beverages, too, like zero-toxin coffee, tea, and low-sugar smoothies and juices.


In the afternoon, the menu switches over to cater to the lunch crowd. REBoL customers can create their own “bols” with fresh and organic ingredients like cucumber noodles, grass-fed steak, blueberry guacamole, street corn elotes, yum yum sauce, pickled veggies, and herbed goat cheese.

Not feeling creative? REBoL takes the guess work out of lunch by offering signature bols, guaranteed to be tasty. Just make sure to snag a drink from the beverage cooler to go with your lunch, like boxed water, NOOMA, or local brews!

Customers can order their food for pick-up beforehand using the REBoL app or via kiosk inside the cafe. Dine-in guests have plenty of seating options, including stadium-style benches, sofas, and patio tables.

REBoL is located at 6608 Longshore Street, Dublin and will be open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day.


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