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Worth The Drive: “World famous” fried bologna at Waldo’s G&R Tavern

Worth The Drive: “World famous” fried bologna at Waldo’s G&R Tavern

Regina Fox

Leave your wagyu beef and craft beers inside the outerbelt, Columbus, because Waldo, Ohio has something a little more modestly delicious to offer.

G&R Tavern, located about 50 minutes due north of Columbus on US-23, has gained a reputation over its 57 years of business for its fried bologna sandwiches. And I’m not talking the thin, damp Oscar Mayer stuff—G&R claims they’ve “fought the good fight of elevating bologna’s humble status into something nobler.”


The Waldo bologna is sliced as thick as a hamburger, fried hot on the griddle, and topped with cheese, pickles, and fat onion rings. And what pairs better with rings than ribbons—ribbon fries that is. G&R’s fryer cranks out only the crispiest, most crave-able sides like fries, mac & cheese bites, wing dings, onion rings, and more.

Not a believer in bologna, despite G&R’s “World Famous” reputation? The tavern also knows a thing or two about thin crust pizza with edge-to-edge toppings.

And if you’re in the business of boozin’, all your favorite domestic bottles, cans, and drafts are ice cold and ready to help wash down your dinner.

You may think you’d be full after all this food, but you’d be wrong. People from far and near flock to G&R for the bologna, of course, but stay for the cream pie. From banana to butterscotch to chocolate and more, these $4 slices are worth every penny because of their decadent flavor and mammoth size.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of dining at G&R Tavern but sudden realize you can’t live without it, skip researching the joint beforehand—all you’ll find is a sparse Facebook page and a non-representative website. Instead, take my word for it as a life-long customer and go experience the wonderful world of bologna for yourself!

G&R is located at 103 N. Marion St. in Waldo and is open 9am- 5pm Monday, 8am-11pm Tuesday through Saturday, and closed Sunday.


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