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Barstool founder beefs with CBJ mascot on Twitter

Barstool founder beefs with CBJ mascot on Twitter

614now Staff

Unrepentant misogynist and noted alumnus of a college that hasn’t beaten Ohio State at football since the stone age, Barstool sports founder Dave Portnoy can now add “troller of hockey mascots” to his impressive list of accomplishments.

A Twitter war between Portnoy and Stinger (the mascot of the Columbus Blue Jackets) was initiated on Wednesday, when Portnoy decided to sound off following the Jackets game three victory over the Boston Bruins:

Not content to let it go down like that, Stinger reminded Portnoy to stay in his lane (specifically, reviewing pizza and not trying to cover hockey):


Having just been thoroughly owned by an anthropomorphic bee in a hockey jersey, Portnoy decided to double-down by challenging Stinger to a fight. That’s right, a grown man challenging a fictional, fuzzy bee character to fisticuffs.

Sadly for Portnoy, Stinger once again had a sick burn locked and loaded:

The exchange went on from there, but posting any more of this cringe-worthy tete-a-tete is simply too embarrassing. Needless to say, CBJ nation aided Stinger in the cause of dragging Portnoy into oblivion, while Portnoy himself clearly lacks the self-awareness to realize a multi-tweet rampage against a mascot is not a great look.

Way to hold it down for your team, Stinger! The CBJ face the Bruins tonight in game four of the second round of the playoffs at Nationwide Arena.

Go Jackets!


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