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Local news anchor stands up to Facebook “fat-shamer”

Local news anchor stands up to Facebook “fat-shamer”

Regina Fox

A local news anchor woke up Monday morning to find a “loving message” from someone on social media suggesting that she “lay off the coffee and donuts.”

A Facebook user by the name of Michael Lundquist posted on Good Day Columbus’ page saying, “TELL JESSICA TO LAY OFF THE COFFEE AND DONUTS! CAN YOU SAY MOOOO!”

Emmy-winner Jessica Ralston, who the post was directed towards, took to both Facebook and Twitter to stand up to the cruelty.


“Hey Michael. Lay off the insults. You just showed the world your complete ignorance,” she replied to his post on Facebook.

She also shared the post on Facebook with the caption, “Happy Monday. Here’s a loving message from Michael Lundquist. He likes to fat-shame women. I am sure his family is very proud of him.”

Then on Twitter, Ralston wrote, “Dear Michael. I can lose weight but you will always be a miserable and ignorant vat of misery. #MeanTweets #FatShaming

Hundreds of loyal followers and people from the community defended Ralston in the comments and stood in solidarity with her against fat-shamers. Read the Twitter comments here and the Facebook comments here.


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