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Lyft scooters roll into town with special discounted rates

Lyft scooters roll into town with special discounted rates

Mike Thomas

Fly on, Bird. Roll away, Lime. Spin – go spin a top. There’s (believe it or not) a new sharable scooter coming to town.

Rideshare company Lyft has announced that their scooters are now available to riders in Columbus.

Like many of their competitors in this increasingly crowded market, riders can use the Lyft smartphone app to locate and rent the company’s scooters, which will cost one dollar to unlock and 15 cents for each minute of ride time.


What may help to set Lyft apart from its competitors is the announcement of special rates for low-income riders in Columbus. Lyft’s Community Pass program will provide an unlimited number of scooter rides to those who qualify for a flat rate of $5 a month.

Riders who are enrolled in or qualify for state or federal assistance programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, or discounted utilities may be eligible for the discounted rate.

Cheap scoots for people in need? Talk about “Lyfting” up the community!


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