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“This situation is unacceptable,” ComFest makes tough decision

“This situation is unacceptable,” ComFest makes tough decision

614now Staff

With only a few weeks left until ComFest, organizers have been faced with that they call an “unacceptable situation,” and have been forced to make a tough decision.

In order for ComFest to maintain Assault & Battery coverage for the entire festival, the insurance provider required the festival to drop two bands from the schedule: Unchipped and Weed Demon. Both bands are of the metal variety and, evidently, pose an existential liability the insurance company will not tolerate.

But this ultimatum is something ComFest won’t tolerate, either.

“This situation is unacceptable, and is not an option for us moving forward,” wrote ComFest in an official statement.


The statement goes on to say that canceling these bands’ performances violates the grassroots community organization’s opposition to corporate abuse and that no company should be given enough power to determine how ComFest operates.

But, without the coverage, Community Festival could not go on. And so, organizers were forced to remove Unchipped and Weed Demon from the bill.

Organizers see this problem arising again in the future, so they will be working diligently to make sure festival principles and values are upheld down the road.

And with respect to the bands, ComFest has every intention of bringing them back once issues with the insurance company are resolved.

Read the full statement here.

ComFest will be held at Goodale Park June 28-30. Visit for more information.

Do you think ComFest made the right decision? Do you understand the insurance company’s point of view? Sound off in the comments below.


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