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Kroger makes exciting holiday announcement

Kroger makes exciting holiday announcement

Regina Fox

The holidays can get expensive, but Kroger is looking out for your wallet this season. Kroger is offering customers free grocery pickup (generally a $4.95 fee) now through January 1.

This announcement comes along with the launch of The Kroger Co.’s brand transformation, including a new logo, tagline, in-store signage, and animated figures that the company is calling “Krojis” (Kroger emojis).

“Kroger’s new brand launch is a unifying framework for our seamless shopping experience that is designed to deepen our connection with customers and associates today and into the future, support our business transformation and provide an elevated creative approach,” said Mike Donnelly, Kroger’s executive vice president and chief operating officer.


The grocery store chain describes the new logo as a “contemporary evolution” which “reflects the company’s strong, food-rich heritage by retaining the shape and movement of the iconic “K” and “G” loved by generations of Kroger customers,” according to the company website.

The new tagline, “Fresh for Everyone,” is “simple and designed to drive an instant understanding of the uniquely egalitarian American brand, underscored by Kroger’s commitment and belief that everyone should have access to fresh, affordable and delicious food,” says Kroger.

To read more about Kroger’s brand transformation, including the new accent color palette and marketing plan, visit

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