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New Short North parking changing in effect

New Short North parking changing in effect

Regina Fox

As part of the Columbus Division of Parking Service’s commitment to continually review the Short North parking plan’s performance and making improvements accordingly, hourly rates in some areas will be changing.

Effective October 7, rates in the mobile pay only zones will decrease or increase by 25 cents to 50 cents per hour from 4pm- 10pm based on a zone’s average on-street parking occupancy data.

The specific changes by zone can be viewed on the Mobile Pay Only Zone Rate Change Map at


Hourly rates at all Short North parking meters will remain unchanged at $1 per hour from 8am- 4pm and $2 per hour from 4pm- 10pm.

“This latest update reflects our continual evaluation of data and community feedback to optimize parking accessibility and efficiency in the Short North,” said Robert Ferrin, Assistant Director of Parking Services. “We want to continue to be responsive to the community by appropriately setting rates so parking is available for the arts district’s residents and their guests, businesses and visitors.”

According to a Department of Public Service release, the Short North parking plan’s overall compliance rate is averaging 85 percent.


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