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Bexley Holiday Hop goes online with virtual scavenger hunt

Bexley Holiday Hop goes online with virtual scavenger hunt

614now Staff

While this year’s Holiday Hop in Bexley won’t look like in years past, you’ll still be able to participate in a virtual scavenger hunt for a chance to win prizes from some of the city’s local businesses. 

The goal behind the city’s winter celebration is to encourage people to shop local, said Elaine Pelz, executive director with the Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce. Typically, businesses up and down Main Street and along Cassidy Avenue participate, she said. 

“It has been growing, literally, exponentially each year,” she said. 


In a normal year, businesses participate in a scavenger hunt by hiding something festive, such as a snowman or an elf, in plain sight in their stores, Pelz said. Visitors who spot the stashed souvenirs get their passports stamped, and turn them in for a chance to win gifts from local vendors. 

“It gets people circulating back into the businesses,” Pelz said. 

This year, that game will move online. Starting Monday, Dec. 7, you can visit The Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce website to access a Google form filled with questions about participating local vendors. (Hint: Look for answers on the business’ websites.)

This year, 37 businesses are participating, Pelz said. Those who fill out 20 or more questions about the businesses will be entered into the prize drawing. You over-achievers who answer all the questions will be entered into a “super” prize drawing. 

For you, dear reader, we have collected highly confidential information to answer one of the questions for you.. 

Q: Who is the assistant to the regional manager at Bexley Animal Hospital? 

A: Blueberry the Cat

So go online to participate in the virtual scavenger hunt beginning Dec. 7–Google forms are due by 3 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 11. Prize winners will be announced via the Chamber’s website and social media. 

Santa and his helpers will deliver any prizes to winners in the 43209 zip code. 

For more information about this year’s Holiday Hop, click here.

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