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Ohio home to 9 of worst puppy mills in America

Ohio home to 9 of worst puppy mills in America

Wayne T. Lewis

You know what will make you more angry than even coronavirus? This might.

Each year the Humane Society documents and shares a list of problem puppy breeders and sellers in the U.S., called the Horrible Hundred. The list is out for 2020 and Ohio has the unfortunate distinction of being #2 on the list of abominable puppy mills in the U.S.

Documented problems include sick, underweight or injured dogs – unsanitary conditions that spread disease – inadequate food or water and a lack of proper shelter. What makes this document worse is the fact it’s not even a list of the worst operations as many puppy mills are not inspected and operate under the radar.


One Ohio operation, Lone Pine Kennel in Baltic, OH was cited for, “Direct violation for a Bichon with such a severe ear infection the ear canal was swollen and discharge was draining down the side of her face.”

This kennel had more than 150 dogs and puppies at a January 2020 inspection, according to the Humane Society report.

The full, shocking report is available here.

The coronavirus pandemic has also applied pressure to enforcement inspections with the USDA sending a March 27 notice to licensees informing them that the agency would be “limiting routine inspections” due to the pandemic and related restrictions on travel and the need for social distancing.

Reduced enforcement is nothing new, according to a Washington Post report that concluded enforcement actions at USDA-licensed facilities have fallen by more than 90 percent since 2016.

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