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Short North Businesses Standing with Protestors

Short North Businesses Standing with Protestors

Julian Foglietti

Protests continue in Columbus over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police. Friday night lead to the destruction of storefronts throughout the Short North. Many business, now boarded up, took it as an opportunity to speak up in solidarity with the movement through writing on their boards, posts via social media, or supplies left out on the stoops for protestors in the area.

Paradise Garage:

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So many of you have reached out in support about our windows and we thank you for that. Yes, 2 Individuals (not a mob of angry protesters) broke our windows and we’re mad. We’re mad that stories get written and told about the suffering of a business or building instead of the daily injustice and racism that exists in our community. We’re mad that we were forced to create a business policy 2 years ago regarding theft: never call police when something is stolen because the last time we called they bragged about cracking skulls and the places where they can do it w no cameras. We’re so deeply moved by all of you out there who are speaking up. What has happened over the past few days in our city is a necessary movement that must continue. What we want is for the voices, the pain and the truth to be heard. We want our leaders to demand real accountability and justice for black lives in our community. #blacklivesmatter

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Press Grill:

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The Optical Co.:

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Quinci Emporium:


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