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“Naked Panda” rollerblader on GoFundMe

“Naked Panda” rollerblader on GoFundMe

Sarah Sole

We’re all just trying to make a buck, right?

It appears the naked man recorded rollerblading along Interstate 670 is no different.

“HoodPanda” has raised over $300 so far of a $100,000 goal, according to a GoFundMe page entitled “Keep HoodPanda (aka naked panda) rolling!”

” … I’m overwhelmed by the support and reaction to my “Naked Panda” video, and I’m happy I was able to make so many people smile! I realize it was dangerous, but a dare is a dare,” the page reads.


HoodPanda is a professional rollerblader, according to the page, and has been finding sustaining his career challenging.

“I want to be able to continue doing videos, tricks, stunts, and all around entertainment for you guys,” the page reads.  

HoodPanda went viral yesterday, Dec. 17 after a video shared on social media showed him rollerblading on I-670 wearing nothing but a panda mask.

ODOT said its nearby traffic-monitoring camera didn’t record the incident.

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