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Terror Town offers COVID-friendly Halloween fun…if you dare

Terror Town offers COVID-friendly Halloween fun…if you dare

Julian Foglietti

With fall just around the corner and Halloween coming upon us, many are wondering how to get their horror fix. Luckily, Terror Town, the wild west themed horror festival in Williamsburg, Ohio is here to make those terrifying dreams a reality. 

The sprawling 10-acre town features a myriad of restaurants, saloons, shops, and trails for visitors to tour–offering scares around every corner. “We really differentiate ourselves from haunted houses because of how interactive the town is. As soon as you walk through the gates you’re free to explore the entire grounds with plenty of surprises throughout.”  says founder Matt Hayden. 

While everyone can enjoy Terror Town’s offerings, its main attraction is the Haunted Trail, based on the story of a cult in the town. Visitors are notified via text when their time slot is available and are then free to wander the trail and discover its  dark secrets. 


For those interested in extreme horror, an upgrade package is available which turns the scares up several notches as participants are locked in asylum cells, drenched in blood, and in some cases buried alive. 

“We really built a location that caters to everyone’s needs, if this had been around when I was in my teens I’d probably be here every weekend of the season because there’s so much to discover in the town.” says Hayden. 

Terror Town’s unique approach to the Haunted House genre is sure to be the perfect thing for anyone wishing to celebrate Halloween; the outdoor location and abundant space also make it ideal for a COVID-friendly socially distant evening. 

The town opens Sept. 4 and runs until Nov. 14, Friday-Saturday from 7 p.m.-2 a.m. For more information on Terror Town visit their website here.


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