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Twinkly lights and ugly dog Christmas sweaters: Holidays done right in German Village

Twinkly lights and ugly dog Christmas sweaters: Holidays done right in German Village

614now Staff

This year, German Village businesses are celebrating the holidays throughout the whole month of December. 

While the Village Lights celebration typically occurs the first Sunday evening in December, this year’s pandemic version will be stretched out over the entire month. This way the community can come out to support local businesses while also observing COVID safety protocols, said German Village Society Board President Chris Hune. 

Last year’s annual celebration brought over 5,000 people to the community, Hune said. Instead of having that many people arrive in the village in one night, the goal is for people to visit the businesses either online or in person throughout the month and still offer support. 


“Everybody is taking such a significant hit this year,” she said. 

Information about the redesigned celebration will be posted on sometime this week, as well as on social media channels, Hune said. 

Even though there won’t be any scheduled events this year, if you do come out to German Village, you’ll still have quite a bit to enjoy. 

The community is ramping up its holiday lights contest to give residents stuck at home a way to participate, Hune said. 

“This year we’re really making this the focus,” she said. 

Twinkling lights will also be found at Frank Fetch Park. While the tree will be put up without a ceremony, it will still be on view in a park lit up for the holidays, Hune said. 

If you’re lucky, you might also catch Santa driving around on a (street legal) golf court during the weekends. 

Though the village has pivoted to offer a scenic environment that can be enjoyed at any time during December, it will also provide ways to virtually participate. 

Hune said they plan to hold an online ugly dog Christmas sweater contest. 

“We’re a very dog-centric community,” she said. 


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