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Wexner Center reopens, spring exhibitions on display

Wexner Center reopens, spring exhibitions on display

Nicholas Youngblood

After exhibitions were cut tragically short in March, the Wex is giving art enthusiasts one last chance to see its spring offerings.

The Wexner Center for the Arts reopened to the public Tuesday, Aug. 11, after months of online-only programming. Exhibitions include Stanya Khan’s short film “No Go Backs,” Sadie Benning’s “Pain Thing,” and LaToya Ruby Frazier’s “The Last Cruze,” all carry-overs from the Wex’s spring season.


“I was personally sad that we had to close them early, and really glad that we can allow the people who are comfortable to come back in and see the work before the time is up,” said chief operating officer Megan Cavanaugh.

The center, located on Ohio State’s campus, has taken various precautions to protect guests. Entry will be limited to 70 visitors per hour, with guests encouraged to register ahead of time online or via phone. Cavanaugh said it is fortunate that the works currently on display feature an open format, allowing guests to socially distance.

The current exhibitions will run through Aug. 23 before setup begins for the fall, just as students return to Ohio State campus for classes. New exhibitions are set to open in September, but have yet to be announced.

Currently, the Wex does not have any plans to host in-person events, but Cavanaugh said staff is working with upcoming artists to organize virtual talks about their work. The Wex’s theater will remain closed, but the center will continue to host video events on its website.

Cavanaugh said she is excited to reopen the Wex to visitors. Like many other art galleries, the center has fallen on hard times as COVID-19 causes shutdowns, budgets get slashed, and charitable donations dry up.

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