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The (Beauty) Boost you need: the perfect blend of community, self-care, and adventure

The (Beauty) Boost you need: the perfect blend of community, self-care, and adventure


The pandemic might have some of us searching for a sense of community now more so than ever. Five years ago, the owner of The Beauty Boost, Rachel Kerr, found herself having similar feelings. She started searching for a community of inspiring and motivating women but couldn’t seem to find just what she needed. This search left her feeling uncharged, unenergized, and wanting more than what her corporate lifestyle was providing her. So she took it upon herself to create a space where women with shared values could come together to motivate one another, inspire each other, and create an overall happier lifestyle. The space she created is for you and whatever it is you might be searching for. 

Name: Rachel Kerr

Business: The Beauty Boost

Describe your business: 

The Beauty Boost (TBB) is a community for women to feel empowered, healthy, and beautiful. We do this through various events and experiences such as weekend retreat getaways, empowerment workshops (vision boarding, cooking classes, craft nights), fitness events, socials, and an optional membership. Since COVID, we have adjusted our vision and started hosting all of these events and experiences virtually. 


Everyone in business has that moment when they know this is what they’re supposed to do. When and what was yours?

I was working for many years in corporate America and never felt content. Nothing was “wrong” but nothing was right. I didn’t know a lot of people doing their own thing at the time, but I knew working the corporate life wasn’t for me.

This was when I decided to work with a life coach, Kim White about seven years ago and she helped me mold my vision for TBB into what it now is. TBB is a community for women to feel empowered, healthy, and beautiful. It is a safe space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together to find their tribe or simply a sense of community that we all are grasping for this year. 

What were the first five action steps you took to turn your dream into a reality?

The first and most important step was working with Kim White. If it wasn’t for her I am not sure what I would be doing at this point in my life or if The Beauty Boost would be what or where it is at its current state. I started surrounding myself with like-minded people doing what I wanted to do–they, my fellow entrepreneurs out there, and I–put together a timeline and plan on what was next post the corporate lifestyle. It was that timeline and plan that helped me set up my website and host my first retreat.

When did you know you had something special that people loved?

After the very first retreat in 2015 at Hocking Hills. Our retreats include a healthy, fun getaway where everything is planned for you. It is stocked full of (loads of wine), daily workouts, coaching, spa services, hiking, hot tubbing, and just time for yourself and the opportunity to meet other amazing women. Women LOVED it! Since COVID we are thinking through ways to continue something similar so stay tuned for what the future holds for this awesome experience. 

What current company or entrepreneur do you admire?

Marie Forleo. I went through her online B school to help me lay the groundwork for building The Beauty Boost. 

Melissa Blackburn of Haven Collective. She’s helped me immensely and I work with her as my business coach. She also has two coworking locations here in Columbus, OH, and gets that this lifestyle is basically like being a firefighter putting out fires on the daily.  

Create & Cultivate is a company I always have admired. I love their aesthetic and little tidbits for entrepreneurs they provide. 

What are your plans for future growth?

We just hired our 2021 interns, a new freelancer, and are continuing to expand to more cities.

What are the top five things you keep on your desk?

I don’t ha-ha. I co-work out of Haven Collective so I don’t have dedicated desk space, BUT I won’t be caught dead without my handwritten agenda book. I would be lost without that thing. 

Behind every entrepreneur are people who support them and help them get where they are: who are your people? 

It’s so important to surround yourself with people that will push you and motivate you. Those people for me are my mom, my grandma, and my closest friends! 


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