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Cameron Mitchell Premier Events rolls out catering menu for any-sized meal

Cameron Mitchell Premier Events rolls out catering menu for any-sized meal

Jack McLaughlin

If you’ve been in Columbus for any time at all, it’s likely you’ve encountered food from Cameron Mitchell Premier Events — the catering arm of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants — either at a wedding, conference, or any number of gatherings throughout the city. And it’s probably been good.

The only problem for most of us is that CMPE was generally available only for larger or custom events. Until now, that is. 

On Dec. 1, the catering service rolled out CMPE2U, which true to its name offers a fixed menu that can be used for any amount of food, and truly any occasion — even those as small as a date night or a family meal.


“The biggest difference is, when you used to call CMPE, you would speak to our sales team, and they would design a menu for you based on your mission, your budget, and the time of year. It was essentially a custom menu,” said CMPE vice president Melissa Johnson. “Now with CMPE2U, there’s a set menu for every occasion. You can call and order a single meal if you want. It’s just really great overall for a lot of different purposes.”

According to Johnson, CMPE began to branch out into smaller events once the pandemic hit this spring, as the company identified an increasing demand. After ironing out many of the necessary details, including a menu that will largely remain the same throughout the year (although it will see holiday and seasonal additions regularly), CMPE2U was formally launched earlier this week.

The menu, which can be found here, is presorted into easily-navigated categories, including sections for tailgate fare, deli and boxed lunches, individual meals, holiday eats, and much more. One unique option to explore is the party pack. Perfect for a date or a casual hangout, it offers an array of cheese, fruit, crackers, nuts, and two bottles of wine.

There’s even a section for baked goods, which Johnson soundly endorses. “Our pastry team is some of the best in town, you can order buckeyes, cookies, brownies, and more.”

Orders can be picked up curbside at CMPE (located at 7619 Huntington Park Dr.), and any order over 12 meals can be delivered.

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