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Clearing the air: Cameron Mitchell Restaurants install air purification systems throughout Columbus

Clearing the air: Cameron Mitchell Restaurants install air purification systems throughout Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

Cameron Mitchell Restaurants have taken a major step forward in the battle against COVID-19 spread and just in time for the colder weather that will force us all inside.

On Nov. 9, the restaurant group announced that iWave Air Filtration & Purification systems have been installed in all of their 19 Columbus-area restaurants and all 10 Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern (a sister company to Cameron Mitchell) locations in the city.

These purification systems, when combined with MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) filters, eliminate 99.4% of airborne pathogens, including COVID-19, according to Cameron Mitchell.


The restaurant group’s President and COO David Miller reports that they have been searching for ways to make dining safer for both employees and guests since the onset of the pandemic.

“We’ve been looking into these and researching for months, but it’s no different than everything around COVID, where it’s a matter of getting accurate information” Miller said. “We have HVAC contractors all over the country, and we would get everyone’s opinions; the iWave was the one product everyone consistently spoke highly about.” 

As the winter season sets in, many Ohio restaurants will have to contend with the loss of outdoor seating areas, making the safety of indoor dining an even higher priority.

Miller says Cameron Mitchell Restaurants have completed the installation of iWave systems in all of their locations throughout Ohio, and are working to finish installations nationwide.

He also noted that the restaurant group has taken additional steps toward ensuring safety by bringing on experts from the Cleveland Clinic as COVID consultants. 

“We’re great restraunteers, but we’re not doctors,” Miller said. “And if you remember in the early days of the pandemic, information was coming in minute by minute, not even hour by hour, so it’s been important for us to have an expert source on all of this. They basically have given their blessing on our protocols, and guided everything we’ve done.”


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