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Do good deeds to earn “Doughnut Dollars” from Tupelo Doughnuts

Do good deeds to earn “Doughnut Dollars” from Tupelo Doughnuts

614now Staff

About a week ago, Kimberly Payne decided to start doing one nice thing a day. 

She liked it so much, she’s brought it to her business, Tupelo Doughnuts

Embarking on her good deeds initiative, Payne quickly found that finding things to do for others could be both easy and hard. 

“Sometimes it jumps in your lap,” she said. Other times, it doesn’t. 


Over the weekend, Payne was in line at a McDonald’s drive-thru when a man began walking through the line of cars. She said she rolled down her window and offered to buy him breakfast. They had a conversation and exchanged names. She came away realizing that she could do more for people like him by extending her reach.

“I’m an action person,” she said. 

So she came up with the Acts of Kindness Program, in which Good Samaritans can log their acts of kindness online to receive $1 towards doughnuts or other products. 

Payne said she plans to continue the program through Christmas. 

“I feel like other businesses could do it too,” she said. 

To participate, visit and add your kindness points the way you would add items to your online shopping cart. Each act of kindness has to be explained in the area under “Special Instructions”. You can show your points on your phone to Tupelo staff to redeem your points. 

If you’re feeling Grinchy during this 2020 Holiday season, this might just be the motivation you need to spread some kindness and cheer all around the city. I mean, doughnuts, right?

Tupelo has a brick and mortar location at 2680 Billingsley Road and a doughnut truck in Clintonville. 

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