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Fifteen holiday treats we want to try now

Fifteen holiday treats we want to try now

614now Staff

It’s that time of year again, dear readers, when sweets shops and restaurants pull out all the stops to create the delectable delights of our dreams. 

Peppermint, gingerbread, snickerdoodles, eggnog—we can’t think of another season in which so many of our favorites are around at the same time. 

We’ve rounded up some of the most mouth-watering sweets we’ve found around Columbus for you to enjoy at your leisure. 

When the spirit moves you (and it will), grab your hat and coat and head out to get one, or a few (or all 15) of the treats in this list. We expect a full report when you’re done. 


  1. Dough Mama: Matcha Snickerdoodle

We know this is one for matcha fans, but we couldn’t resist how festive this cookie looked. The Matcha Snickerdoodle is topped with a matcha buttermilk glaze and freeze-dried raspberries. 

  1. Kolache Republic: Peppermint Kolache

Kolache lovers, have we got the treat for you. We love a nut or fruit kolache roll, but we can’t wait to try this peppermint flavor. 

  1. Pistacia Vera: Eggnog Custard Tart

True to form, Pistacia Vera has created a tart that looks as good as we believe it will taste. 

  1. The Cheesecake Girl: S’mores Cream Puff

Leave it to the Cheesecake Girl to take cream puffs to the next level. We can’t think of a better flavor for the season. 

  1. Fate Cakes: Peppermint Cheesecake

You knew this one was coming, right? Fate Cakes does this holiday staple right. 

  1. Donna’s Delicious Dozen: Tipsy Eggnog Doughnut

We are here for holiday doughnuts. In particular, we have our eye on this one, with maple bourbon icing topped with an eggnog whip. 

  1. Jeni’s Ice Creams: White Chocolate Peppermint

CAN there even be a holiday sweets list that doesn’t include Jeni’s? For all you who say ice cream isn’t for cold weather, we say bah humbug. 

  1. Hadley’s Bar + Kitchen: Eggnog Boozy Shake

Hadley’s magnificent presentation has sold us on their eggnog shake, so we had to include it here. 

  1. Goodale Station: Chocolate Peppermint Cake

This fanciful, imaginative creation from Goodale Station has certainly caught our attention. Raspberry, peppermint and toasted marshmallow? Color us intrigued. 

  1. Sassafras Bakery: Hot Cocoa Cookies

Sassafras has certainly worked some magic here, taking the goodness of a cup of piping hot chocolate and distilling its essence into cookie form. We’re not worthy. 

  1. Pattycake Bakery: Gingerfolk Cookies

Look at how adorable these little ginger folk are! If a couple of them look a little alarmed, that’s because it’s been a rough year for all of us. 

  1. Bake Me Happy: Christmas Tree Cakes

Members of the gluten-free crowd, we didn’t forget about you. We want to gobble up all of these little trees. 

  1. Sugar Rush Columbus: Grinch Bombs

We adore how festive these little cocoa bombs look so much that our heart just grew three sizes. 

  1. Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery: Peppermint Crunch Cupcakes

There’s just something aesthetically pleasing about a light pink peppermint buttercream frosting on a chocolate peppermint cupcake. 

  1. Fox in the Snow Cafe: Sweet Potato Pastry

We love a good pastry, and we’re especially excited about the marshmallow topping. Now pass the potatoes. Wait, no, that’s not right.

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