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Find your perfect patty during Burger & Beer Week 2020

Find your perfect patty during Burger & Beer Week 2020

614now Staff

With over 50 participating restaurant locations across Columbus, Burger & Beer Week, which starts October 26th, will offer something for everyone. That is, if you’re someone who enjoys chowing down on America’s favorite sandwich and knocking back a nice, cold brew. We’d venture to say that’s mostly everyone.

There are a lot of menus to sort through at, even with our handy filter, so we did you a favor and put together some guides to make navigating Burger & Beer Week a little easier.

Vegetarians and vegans

For our friends who avoid animal products, here are the restaurants offering vegetarian and/or vegan options or substitutions.

Picky palates

Have a picky eater on your hands, or just craving a classic burger? These restaurants are sticking to the basics.

Flavor explorers

If there’s a time to try a unique stack of flavors, Burger & Beer Week is it! Chefs at these restaurants are showcasing outside-the-box burgers.

A few additional notes: If you’d like to find gluten-free substitutions or sort menus by carryout availability, you can do so on the Burger & Beer Week page. We also put together a map to show you the participating restaurants near you:


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