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Hot Dog Heaven: Find some of the wildest hot dogs in Columbus at Beyond the Brix

Hot Dog Heaven: Find some of the wildest hot dogs in Columbus at Beyond the Brix

Jack McLaughlin

Baked beans. Jerk chicken. Bacon cheeseburgers. Collard greens.

Sure, these are all great in their own right, but when they become gourmet hot dog toppings, well, then you’ve got my attention.

You’ll find creative toppings like this—as well as chili and tangy Carolina gold sauce—at Beyond the Brix, located at 970 Parsons Ave.


The restaurant first opened at its Parsons Avenue spot in 2018 under the name Buns N Brews, and after a shuffling of business partners, rebranded Nov. 1 to become Beyond the Brix. 

While the eatery is still slinging the same decadent dogs that put Buns N Brews on the map, they’ve actually expanded their menu since taking on a new name last month.

Their new offerings include the Junkyard hot dog, with mac and cheese and baked beans; the Cheeseburger dog, complete with—you guessed it—cheese and beef; and even a dog featuring smoked bacon and smoked cheese.

“We’re really excited about all the new possibilities, all of the new recipes that we have on the way,” owner Shawnta Hopkins-Greene said about the freshly-named business, noting that Beyond the Brix has a lot more in the works as well. 

One of these things is—get ready for it—a sweet and savory breakfast hot dog. While this won’t come until spring at the earliest and could still see alterations, Hopkins-Greene envisions a hot dog nestled inside a fresh, sweet, cinnamon roll bun. 

How long until spring again?

Hopkins-Greene, born and raised on the city’s south side and a graduate of Ohio State, is a woman of many talents. A restaurateur and marketing professional, she also owns and operates her own medical cannabis consulting company. 

This passion for business shows up in Beyond the Brix as well. They’ve partnered with a local bar, DADDY’S, to offer an expanded delivery service. 

“They don’t have food, so we provide our menu, and they do delivery for us,” Hopkins-Greene said. “We have some of our own drivers, but this helps us, and it keeps their bartender employed.”

To order, visit their vendor page through Lineskipping or check out their website.


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