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Ten Columbus soups to warm your soul

Ten Columbus soups to warm your soul

614now Staff

Well, Columbus, the temperatures have dipped enough to start wearing layers  and daylight has ghosted us, which means only one thing—you might be getting the urge to order those online onesie pajamas and slipper boots you see on the late-night infomercials.

We want to save you from a fate that ultimately ends up with you alone and 10 cats on your lap. Instead, put on some boots, a coat, a super cute toboggan and go out into Central Ohio to get the ultimate winter comfort food to ease your ghosted soul—soup.

Soup, that dopamine in a bowl, is the fast solution for warming up the spirit. And the diverse cuisine scene that is Columbus means you have an ever-changing variety of flavors to fit your mood—plus, if you’re single, perhaps a super cute possibility is sipping the same soup just six-feet socially distanced away from you. 

So put on that scarf your Mom knitted you and check out these delectable delights that come from 10 of our ColumBEST restaurants—and if we’ve missed a good one, leave it in the comments: 

Schmidt’s Original Potato Soup, Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant. Is there anything more comforting than a hearty bowl of potato soup when the weather gets hangry? This bowl boasts Idaho potatoes in a creamy, rich base. Up the ante by adding bacon and cheddar. 

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Manager John Braatz said the potato is “by far and away” his restaurant’s most popular soup. It’s asked for year-round, he said, although it’s notably more requested during the colder months. His tip? Don’t skip that bacon and cheddar. 

“That just elevates it to the next level,” he said. 

Lobster Bisque, Lindey’s Restaurant & Bar. A little luxury can be an excellent pick-me-up, and this selection from Lindey’s doesn’t cheap out on quality. The classic features sherry chantilly, chives and diced shrimp. 

Holy Tomole Soup, Katalina’s. If you’re growing weary of chicken noodle, look no further than this bowl. Featuring roasted roma tomatoes, Katalina’s mole spice and “holy mole” salt, this soup is sure to wake up your taste buds. It’s topped with queso fresco and spiced pepitas. Excited yet?

Avgolemono Soup, Happy Greek Restaurant & Pub. Lemon can be like a ray of sunshine when it’s added to soup, creating a bright flavor profile. Happy Greek offers a traditional lemon rice soup with chicken. Those looking for a carbs fix will be happy to know that it’s also served with fresh pita. 

Vegetable Curry Soup, Portia’s Cafe. Looking for a hearty option? This bowl doesn’t disappoint. It features black beans, a brown and wild rice blend with veggies, rounded out with fresh curry flavors and a hint of coconut. 

Lentil Soup, Lavash Cafe. This soup is a particularly solid choice for vegan diners. Look for red split peas sautéed with onions, olive oil, Lavash’s specialty spices and a hint of sautéed garlic. 

Butternut Squash Soup, 101 Beer Kitchen. Squash soup is a staple fall dish, and 101 Beer Kitchen’s version is topped with spicy pumpkin seeds and savory cream. Bonus: It’s gluten-free. 

Italian Wedding Soup, Carfagna’s Restaurant and Kitchen. Minestrone is great, but this is hands-down Italy’s best soup. A rich chicken broth is the base for romano cheese, egg drops, orzo pasta, spinach and tiny meatballs. And it’s available daily! 

Pozole Soup, El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant. Tacos might be the first thing to come to mind when considering this Mexican powerhouse of a restaurant, but this comfort food is not to be overlooked. It features chicken broth, shredded chicken, hominy, and pico de gallo. 

Dal Soup, Aab India Restaurants. This North Indian soup features hearty lentils seasoned with a mild blend of spices, making it a safe bet for those who want a flavorful bowl that isn’t too hot — at least spice-wise. 



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