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Wings Over introduces new Buffalo sauces from Mild to Fire

Wings Over introduces new Buffalo sauces from Mild to Fire

Jack McLaughlin

If you’re a wing lover like me, you know Buffalo sauce. However, this ideal complement to the crispy and delectable snack can leave you guessing–you never really know what you’re going to get. From place to place, it’s clear that not all Buffalo sauces are created equal.

In some spots, a mild sauce will leave your mouth on fire, and in others, their hottest one won’t even make you break a sweat.

That’s precisely why, beginning today, Wings Over is rolling out a pair of new Buffalo flavors—Mild and a ghost pepper-infused Fire version—making sure the full range of heat options are offered in the iconic sauce.

“We’re always looking to improve, and listening to feedback from our guests is the most important thing to us,” said Wings Over Marketing Director Connor Nolte. “Recently we saw an opportunity to improve our lineup of Buffalo sauces and we took it.”


The restaurant will now offer a total of four different Buffalo sauces: Mild, Medium (previously Wimpy), Hot (previously Cruisin’ Altitude), and Fire.

The new Mild, which still packs the hallmark vinegar and pepper tang of Buffalo sauces, also features a deceptively rich and buttery base that results in a balanced, flavorful wing.

And true to its name, the new Fire sauce—made with ghost peppers—offers a strong heat that builds over time. Unlike some ultra-hot options though, Fire doesn’t end up completely overwhelming, and it doesn’t sacrifice flavor for the sake of pure heat.

“The sauce has ghost pepper in it, but it’s not a stunt,” said Nolte. “It has an amazing flavor and great heat, but you can eat your whole meal with it.”

These new sauces will be a permanent addition to the Wings Over lineup of more than 25 different flavors that can be paired with bone-in and boneless wings, chicken tenders, and even sandwiches. 


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