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Work Hard, Play Hard: Columbus recognized for work-life balance

Work Hard, Play Hard: Columbus recognized for work-life balance

Regina Fox

We may have been named one of the gloomiest cities in America, but at least we’re striking a healthy balance between work and play under that cloud of gray!

In its third annual study, SmartAsset identified Columbus to be the fifth best city in the country for work-life balance.

To find the cities with the best work-life balance, SmartAsset compared data for the 100 largest cities across the following 10 metrics: entertainment establishment density, dining establishment density, bar density, housing costs as a percentage of income, average number of weeks worked per year, average number of hours worked per week, average commute time, percentage of workers with commutes over an hour, unemployment rate and labor force participation rate.


Columbus, Ohio ranks in the top 25% of all 100 cities for five out of the 10 metrics. Housing costs as a percentage of income in Columbus are about 29%, the ninth-lowest in the study overall, and the percentage of workers with a commute longer than one hour is 3.1%, the 14th-lowest in the study overall.

With the extra time and money saved, SmartAsset figures Columbus residents might choose to eat out at one of the city’s restaurants, which comprise more than 8% of its total establishments.

Click here to read the full study.


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