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Annual climbing contest offers steep competition

Annual climbing contest offers steep competition

Nicholas Youngblood

Chambers Purely Boulders, a Grandview climbing gym, is hosting its third annual Grandview Gripdown climbing competition this week with special accommodations to keep the climbing COVID-friendly.

The competition typically takes place on a single day, tasking competitors with climbing as many boulders as possible in two hours. Not so for 2020, however. According to a press release, this year, climbers must book one of 33 two-hour sessions between Sept. 8 and 14 to participate, with sessions limited to 20 climbers each.

“It took some serious brainstorming to work out the logistics, but we’ve landed on a competition format that I think may actually be better than what we’ve done in years past,” said facility manager Matt Cole. “Typically, Gripdown is a very crowded event and it can be difficult for climbers to find space on the wall, but this year it shouldn’t be an issue.”


Participants are required to wear a mask and use alcohol-based liquid chalk for their climb.

The competition is open to anyone, with divisions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers. The top three in each division will receive prizes, including private climbing sessions or the opportunity to set their own boulder at the gym.

Chambers Purely Boulders is located at 1165 Chambers Rd. Interested climbers can sign up for the Grandview Gripdown online here. The entry fee is $5 in addition to the gym’s admission price.


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