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Calming vibes in stressful times

Calming vibes in stressful times

614now Staff

Well, Columbus, with Halloween candy and the 2020 presidential election behind us (sort of), while also staring down the holiday season, this limbo before end-of-year festivities is the perfect time to lean in to some relaxing self-care. Here are some healthy, good energy options around town to help you replenish some of those calming vibes and get yourself ready for 2021.

Yoga on High

Yoga on High is a Columbus institution, offering all sorts of yoga classes for everyone from the beginner to the hot yoga fitness enthusiast. While the longtime owners of what the community has come to affectionately call YOHI have recently announced that the business is now up for sale, they’ve assured the public that there will be no disruption to the class schedule. In-person class offerings (with masks required) are in full swing along with a selection of online streaming classes for those of us who don’t want to add to our stress by venturing out of the house.

Beer + Yoga

If your idea of a relaxing yoga practice is, understandably, followed by a nice, cold beer, join Kula Yoga and BrewDog for a socially distanced, vinyasa flow for all levels at the BrewDog DogHouse in Canal Winchester. The class will be followed by a beer and, if you work up an appetite, a discount on brunch. 

“We are planning to offer [this class] at least monthly, it could be biweekly but we wanted to see how the first one goes,” said Kula co-founder Robyn Storer, who also specified that masks will be required indoors when off your yoga mat. In the meantime, Kula also offers online classes that range from slow flows to hot power yoga, for those yoga sessions that you want to fit in between brewery visits. See the schedule and sign up at


The Reiki Center for Healing Arts

While many people think of Reiki as requiring some light touch, the premise of the practice lies in the flow of energy in order to facilitate a person’s own ability to find balance and healing. Perhaps more than any other technique, Reiki is well-suited to the Zoom age in which we now live.

“Therapeutic energy work is not limited to hands-on sessions,” said The Reiki Center’s Executive Director Linda Haley. “Reiki, can provide long-distance relief for sadness, stress or physical discomfort, connecting intuitively across the globe.”

The center offers some free, remote group workshops and classes as well as the option to book a remote, one-on-one Reiki session. Of course, you can still visit the center at 1540 W. Fifth Ave, 43212 for everything from energy healing to massage therapy. View the schedule at

Shambhala Meditation Center of Columbus 

The Shambhala Meditation Center, located at 4495 Indianola Ave. provides meditation instruction for beginners and those well-studied in the art of mediation. Shambhala, according to the center’s website, is a meditation technique “rooted in the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness.” And if that isn’t the kind of energy we need right now, we just don’t know what is. Even better, the center offers free, online, open meditations where everyone is welcome.

Replenish the Spa Co-op

Sometimes the times are so tough that you just need to check “all of the above” and then top it off with a soothing facial. Located in downtown Columbus, Replenish The Spa Co-op is a Black woman-owned business that offers traditional spa services along with private guided meditation and yoga sessions. Book your services at and check all those boxes for a major relaxation moment.


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