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Do you know these people? Columbus Police need your help

Do you know these people? Columbus Police need your help

Lori Schmidt

Columbus Police have released new images of men they are calling persons of interest in a felony investigation and they are asking for the public’s help.

On May 31, the victim, Eldon Hawkins, was driving east down Broad Street during the Black Lives Matter protests and needed to back up when his way was blocked. Protestors seemed to believe that he hit a bicyclist in doing this and started attacking his car. 

The Columbus Dispatch reports that video “shows that after the initial reaction, some cooler heads among the crowd called for people to calm down. One young man on a bullhorn helped to quell the situation, telling people this was not what they wanted.”


For his part, Hawkins, 58, who has cerebral palsy, said he was helped out of his car and to the curb by some good samaritans. 

However, over $8,000 of damage had been done to his car. 
Police are asking those with information on the identities of the men in these photographs to call 614-808-5089 or email the detective in charge.

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