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Kanye sues Ohio’s Secretary of State

Kanye sues Ohio’s Secretary of State

Lori Schmidt

Rapper Kanye West has filed a lawsuit against Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose saying that LaRose abused his discretion in rejecting his application to appear as a presidential candidate on the Nov. 3 ballot. 

LaRose had ruled that the paperwork West and his running mate, Michelle Tidball, submitted to the state did not match the information included with the petitions Ohio residents signed in support of West’s candidacy. 


“A signature is the most basic form of authentication and an important, time-honored, security measure to ensure that a candidate aspires to be on the ballot and that a voter is being asked to sign a legitimate petition,” LaRose said at the time. “There is no doubt that the West nominating petition and declaration of candidacy failed to meet the necessary threshold for certification.”   

West’s response, filed in Ohio’s Supreme Court Wednesday, was that LaRose is obligated to accept any petition unless a protest is filed or the petition violates any other requirements established by law.

He has asked for a response by noon on Friday. 

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