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Try a Rabbit Hole cocktail at these local bars

Try a Rabbit Hole cocktail at these local bars

614now Staff

“So take a chance and raise your glass, because from here, there’s no going back.”

Rabbit Hole is a line of one-of-a-kind Kentucky Straight Bourbons and Rye Whiskeys, created for the discerning consumer. Visit their website to learn more about their process for producing unique, luxurious spirits. You can also check out the “There’s No Going Back” campaign, which celebrates individuals who are true to their authentic selves.

Rabbit Hole is working with local bars around Columbus to showcase their find whiskeys and bourbons. Try a “There’s No Going Back” cocktail featuring Rabbit Hole at these fine establishments:

Buckeye Bourbon House
Hotel Leveque – The Keep
Lincoln Social
Little Rock
Pecan Penny’s
The Citizen’s Trust
Two Truths 


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