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The mystery picnics you need to know about

The mystery picnics you need to know about

Sarah Sole

There’s a new spin on an old warm-weather tradition.

Courtesy of AmazingCo, Mystery Picnics combine scavenger hunts and picnic baskets for a unique adventure.


First, you book your date and location online. After that, AmazingCo emails you your clues and a recommended starting time. This experience is perfect for those of us who are food motivated: As you solve your clues, you pick up local artisan produce along the way: Think cheeses, meats, bread, and dessert. Once you reach your final destination, you’ll have everything you need for a locally-sourced, gourmet picnic.

Right now, local destinations include German Village and Yellow Springs. But the website also shows additional locations that are coming soon, including the Short North, Grandview Heights, Dublin, Newark, Hocking Hills, and Dayton.

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