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Local refillery to open new location in Clintonville

Local refillery to open new location in Clintonville

Sarah Sole

Koko the Shop is coming to Clintonville.

Owner Adria Hall said the new location is slated to open in September at 3023 Indianola Ave.

Hall said the location is the second in Columbus and the fifth overall. Koko sells sustainable beauty products as well as household goods such as laundry detergent, soap, cleaners, and more.

“It’s been my dream to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to shop sustainably, and we’re grateful for the support the Columbus community has shown us,” Hall said. “We hope to continue to expand so even more people have access and resources to live a more sustainable lifestyle.”


Koko is also located at 15 N. Westmoor Ave. Hall said she has no plans to close the spot.

But she said many of her customers have been asking about a Clintonville-area shop since the flagship store opened in 2020.

“As we have continued to expand, Clintonville has always been a part of the plan,” she said.

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