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Columbus People You Should Know

Columbus People You Should Know

Sarah Sole

Meet Amanda Caldwell

Our city is brimming with go-getters. Whether they’re entrepreneurs, creatives, grassroots warriors, advocates, or hobby enthusiasts, these folks all have a common thread. Their passion, joy, and enthusiasm energize our city. 

It is their drive, their spirit, that has made their stories interesting. In this monthly installment, we’re sharing with you stories about some of your city’s residents that we think you should know about. These are the people who give Columbus that spark that inspires so many of us to call the city home. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy what they have to say.

Amanda Caldwell first learned about human trafficking in high school. 

“It really opened my eyes to what was really going on,” said the 28-year-old Columbus resident. 


It was an experience that set Caldwell on a path of altruism, first through social services work with teens, and now her bakery, Fourteen Twenty Nine, a dessert-based social enterprise working to provide immediate assistance to victims of human trafficking in Columbus. 

Caldwell started the bakery at her house with the help of her husband Aaron in January of 2018. At first, the goal was to give 10% of their profits to local nonprofit organizations supporting victims on human trafficking. 

But now, Caldwell has stopped the donation model as she builds up her business to take on what was always its long-term mission: bringing survivors of human trafficking onto her team as employees. 

Caldwell, who has two staff members now, said she wants to begin hiring survivors this summer. She plans to hire between four to six women over the next year and see how things evolve. 

“We’d like to keep it as a small group at first,” she said. 

As the business expands, she hopes to increase the number of survivors on her staff, and plans to expand her catering and farmers market business to continue her mission.

“I’m very excited,” she said. 

Fourteen Twenty Nine is located at 689 Cross Pointe Rd. in Gahanna in a shared space with Pitabilities and Explorers Club Food Truck. The bakery does curbside and contactless pickup only at the moment. For more information, visit

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