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How lucky is Ohio?

How lucky is Ohio?

Sarah Sole

We love donning our green as much as anyone else for St. Patrick’s Day, but the jury’s out on whether or not the celebration affords us a bit of that luck of the Irish. 

And according to one study it appears that our state is… pretty average in terms of luck. Sorry, Columbus. 

In a study of the luckiest states across the country, Ohio ranked 31st. The study looked at health and finance stats, including lotto winners, median income, low unemployment, average life expectancy, weather fatalities, and car accident deaths per 100,000 people to come up with results. 


Ohio had 23 lottery winners, a life expectancy of 76, and nine car accident deaths per 100,000 people. Median income for our state was $58,642. 

The luckiest state? That honor goes to Minnesota, with 22 lottery winners, a life expectancy of 80, six car accident deaths, and a median income of $74,593. Seems like that income part is pretty important. 

New York, which was ranked fifth luckiest, had the most total lottery winnings, with 50 residents scoring big. 

The unluckiest state, Mississippi, had no lottery winnings at all. That state’s life expectancy was 74, and car accident deaths per 100,000 people totaled 21. Median income was much lower, at $45,792. 

Ohio isn’t all that bad, right? Here’s hoping we’ll eventually find that pot of gold. 

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